Volunteer & Pay It Forward Network


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We have many nonprofit organizations in the area. The idea of the Pay It Forward Network is to to learn about eachother’s projects, to support eachother’s projects, and to encourage more people to volunteer for efforts in the region.

The idea:
a. area organizations submit projects needing volunteers;
b. our club selects 1-2 projects per month to volunteer our club for;
c. we help the selected organizations on their projects;
d. in return, each organization lists Rotary as a co-sponsor of the events on all media blasts;
e. organizations submit a list of all names of their board/primary membership;
f. one time within that same year, all members of all organizations agree to join us and volunteer for at least one other project that has gone through the same application process (at the same time or individually).

This would:
a. increase awareness of area organizations as well as Rotary;
b. let our members learn about organizations and vice-versa;
c. let organization members pick which events and organizations to volunteer for themselves (in turn potentially learning about a entirely new organizations);
d. allow everyone to network and work together;
e. build an exponential volunteer pool that gets expanded every year.
(Say the first year is 1-2 projects a month helping organizations 5-10 people each. That’s 60-240 volunteers at the very minimum.)

In addition to these benefits:
a. We will list ALL projects (chosen or not) on our volunteer calendar and highlight the events that we have chosen to help with. This way, volunteers looking to connect will be able to see all potential projects that are going on in the area.